Heart Chakra – where is the love?

Chakra may now be a common term to you and you may even have an understanding of its meaning.

The chakras (meaning wheel or cycle) are culmination points for nadis (channels) of prana sacral chakra(energy or lifeforce). A useful analogy when considering chakras is to envision nadis as highways, filled with cars (prana) and the chakras are the intersections and roundabouts where these highways meet.

The chakras reside on the sushumna nadi, which is the central channel of energy that is aligned with the spinal column.

Let’s look closely at the heart chakra:

Anahata Chakra

heart chakra

The heart chakra, located at the centre of the chest, is the bridge between your lower self (also known as your “ego” self) and your higher self and the chakras that correspond. It’s the point of contact between your soul and body. It is the centre of revelation and has been said to be the chakra from which all 72 000 nadis originate. Continue reading