Get to Know Your yogafusion – Margarita Houllis

Meet the instructor: yogafusionMargarita Houllis (Scorpio) 

When did your yoga journey start? And why did you start?

My yoga journey started in 2002, a good friend dragged me along to a yoga class and I had no idea what it was all about the pending effect it would have on me – I just thought it would be something different and fun. My friend spoke so highly about it and because she is such a centred person in the face of everything and takes everything all in her stride – I wanted to emulate those qualities. She believed most of that was due to her yoga practise so it was a Harry met Sally moment for me – ‘I wanted what she was having’ – and that was the beginning.

‘I wanted what she was having’

My first class was an Iyenga class, in a massive warehouse in the city. It was a cold, raining Saturday morning; the practise – mixed with the sound of the rain beating down on the tin roof – absolutely seduced my senses and – BAMM – I was hooked! Continue reading