Get to Know Your yogafusion – Manny Cebo

Meet the instructor – Mannyadelaide yoga

When did your yoga journey start? And why did you start?

My yoga journey began in the early 90s when I was in primary school. My mum bought me a book called A Child’s Garden of Yoga by Baba Hari Dass. It contained two meditations as well as an introduction to asana practice. I voice recorded the two meditations and used to play them back to myself. I also began to practice the poses regularly. From that young age I felt a strong connection with my practice which has continued to evolve ever since.

Describe your first class?

I don’t remember my first class! Whoops

What led you to decide to become a yoga instructor?

Being a long time practitioner, I initially I wanted to complete teacher training as part of my personal yoga journey; undecided whether or not would teach in the future. It took me five years from the point where I decided that I was going to complete my training to actually enrolling but from that moment I knew that as much as this was about personal growth, I also wanted to teach. Yoga has brought so much positivity into my life and I have learnt so much from all of the teachers who have taught me over the years, I now want to spread my love of yoga and the benefits it brings onto others.

What do you find most rewarding about being a yoga instructor? And most challenging?

Being a new teacher, at the moment the most rewarding part of teaching is feeling the amazing energy that flows throughout the room during a class. It’s so exhilarating yet equally grounding all at the same time.

Describe where yoga has helped you overcome a challenge in life.

I’ve been talking about this in class lately!. Yoga allows me to step out of the light of everything that I think I know and into the darkness where things are more challenging. Unless I face the unknown where my challenges and fears reside, I will never grow.

Whenever I find that my mind takes on the role of a fortune teller: thinking, predicting, over thinking, knowing better… yoga brings me back to right here, right now where the possibilities are endless if only I stay open to them. I might know some things, but I don’t know everything and the things I think I know might not be right anyways. If we don’t step into the darkness we will never see the stars.

What else do you do in life, aside from yoga? Eg, job, hobbies, lifestyle, creative outlets

I love Crossfit! I’m not a crossfitter who lives, breathes and talks of nothing but (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but it is my preferred form of exercise outside of yoga. In brief, Crossfit is a combination of cardio, heavy weight lifting and gymnastics.

I also live for the summer. I love everything about it from the hot weather to the extreme heat waves, the beach, beach hair, being tanned, balmy nights, summer clothes and best of all, all of my favourite fruits are in season.

Stay tuned for more about Manny…

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